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Daddys Girl 150

posted 7th May 2020, 1:33 PM

Daddys Girl 150
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11th Jun 2021, 5:47 PM

Ticktop (Guest)

This is litteraly the BEST i have ever seen in a very very long time. The whole story entered in my heart from the begining and each passing vignette only deepened the feeling! So perfect in each and every way! Pallas Athena is such an amazing and relatable person as you portrayed her! Also the Olympic family problems, the little child gods being children! Prometheus is such a cutie! Hestia is definitely the prime goddess of my pantheon since now! The part with Tethys and Okeanos was so tender... And also Hera! So difficult as it was to properly represent the emotional inestability you projected for her and it suits her so well! Also so nicely executed, so deep and close... Hadoneus is slowly carving a deep place inside my heart also, as relatable as he is... Even Zeus is portrayed being both loveable and hateable! Thank you so much

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