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Destroyer of Light 81

posted 8th May 2020, 9:13 PM

Destroyer of Light 81
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8th May 2020, 9:13 PM


So, yeah, if anyone hadn't figured it out yet, this was loosely based on the Orphic myth of Zagreus.

Orphic beliefs can be traced back to the 6th or at least 5th century BCE. The supreme god of Orphism was Dionysus, but the mythology surrounding him was a bit different from the Classical mythology that we are more familiar with. According to the followers of Orphism, Dionysus was first born as the son of Zeus and Persephone and was as such sometimes called Zagreus. Shortly after his birth the Titans tore Zagreus/Dionysus to pieces and devoured him, but Athena (according to one account) managed to save his heart and brought it to Zeus. Zeus killed the Titans with his thunderbolts and from their ashes mankind was created. Zeus later gave his lover Semele a magic potion made of Zagreus's heart so that Zagreus could be reborn.

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