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The Family Party 9

posted 12th May 2020, 4:51 PM

The Family Party 9
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12th May 2020, 4:51 PM


Here’s an example of how I sometimes value good story-telling higher than historical accuracy. According to the Greek myths, Ganymedes was a prince from Troy, located in what is now Turkey. He was a son of king Tros (Ganymedes’s brother Ilus became the father of Laomedon, who became the father of Priam, who was king of Troy during the Trojan War). Because of his great beauty, Zeus abducted Ganymedes, gave him immortality and made him his cupbearer (and his lover, according to some versions).

The ancient Greeks believed that the Trojan War was an historical event which had taken place in the 13th or 12th century BCE, during the Bronze Age when the Mycenaean culture was flourishing in Greece. In The Iliad, the Trojans seem to be part of pretty much the same culture as the Greeks. They speak the same language and worship the same gods. But even if there seems to have been trade relations between the Trojans and the Mycenaeans, the Bronze Age Trojans were probably a Luwian culture within the sphere of the Hittite empire. So the name Hades probably wouldn’t mean anything to Ganymedes (especially since Hades maybe wasn’t worshiped even by the Mycenaeans). But then we couldn’t have this scene. So let’s just say that my version of Ganymedes either is Greek or belonged to a Greek culture.

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