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Anthesteria 12

posted 13th Jul 2020, 9:24 PM

Anthesteria 12
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13th Jul 2020, 9:24 PM


There are many uncertainties regarding the Anthesteria that makes it a bit difficult to reconstruct the festival. In my comic I will adjust things to suit my story rather than trying to be as correct as possible. For one thing, it’s probably one month too late for the Anthesteria, since the festival took place at the end of winter/beginning of spring, but in my comic spring seems to have fully arrived already.

The first day of the festival was called Pithoigia, "jar-opening", when people tasted their new wine. One account says that the Athenians used to bring samples of their new wine to the shrine of Dionysos in the Marshes and there mix it with water. The first mixed wine was offered to the god and while pouring the libation they prayed that the wine would be harmless and beneficial to them. I’ve borrowed parts from the Homeric Hymn 26 to Dionysos and the Orphic Hymn 50 to Lysios Lenaios to the priestess’ prayer.

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