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Anthesteria 40

posted 29th Jul 2020, 5:05 PM

Anthesteria 40
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24th Sep 2020, 11:16 PM


That's funnier -- and a LOT less dark -- than what I THOUGHT was about to happen!

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25th Sep 2020, 1:38 AM


Maybe Dionysos didn't want to ruin the festivity.

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26th Jan 2021, 6:59 PM

bbb35 (Guest)

“A very impressive hadd on.”

Damn. Now I kinda wanna see.

Dio if I was you, I’d have half a mind to find the at guy later, and ‘squeeze his heaps for juice’ if you catch my drift.

At least that’s my idea of revenge, ride the cry till he cries from exhaustion. ;)

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28th Sep 2021, 9:31 AM

molotov (Guest)

now THIS is how to deal with homophobes

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30th Mar 2022, 2:02 AM

:) (Guest)

... but why does he hear the dead now? Is that an omen?

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