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Anthesteria 65

posted 15th Aug 2020, 9:50 PM

Anthesteria 65
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15th Aug 2020, 9:50 PM


According to Restless Dead by Sarah Iles Johnston, aōrai were associated with birds of prey - and particularly with nocturnal raptors such as the owl (an interesting comparison is the Babylonian Lamashtu and the Semitic Lilith, both female demons who attacked women and children, and who often were pictured with the features of a bird of prey). So I let Erigone escape in the form of an owl.

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15th Aug 2020, 10:20 PM


Well-matched pair we got there...

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3rd Feb 2021, 10:54 PM

bbb35 (Guest)

I remember, Lilith had owl bird feet and wings on her back.


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1st May 2021, 8:28 AM

K (Guest)

Ha! He's smitten. ♥️

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