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Queen of the Dead 31

posted 26th May 2021, 9:05 PM

Queen of the Dead 31
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26th May 2021, 9:05 PM


Mama Rhea! In my version Demeter is the daughter that she feels closest to. Rhea’s first lover is inspired by the myth of Attis and Kybele.

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26th May 2021, 9:46 PM


Rhea's story sorta reduces the pathos of Demeter's story.

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27th May 2021, 11:57 PM


I wanted to lift the mood a bit after the Hades and Demeter scene, so I went for a more tragicomical feeling with Rhea.

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28th May 2021, 4:22 AM


Ah, therein lies a tale; I sense layers of earlier versions underlying this top layer.

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