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Daddys Girl 4

posted 5th May 2020, 3:37 PM

Daddys Girl 4
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5th May 2020, 3:37 PM


There were several different stories of where Athena was born. According to one tradition, she was born by the river Triton in Greece and brought up by Alalkomenes in the small town of Alalkomenae. Others said that she was born in Libya and brought up by the sea god Triton. Triton had a daughter named Pallas who then became Athena's foster sister.

In my comic I have combined these two traditions. I wanted Pallas to be a part of the story, but to place the whole thing in Libya complicated things a bit too much. So here Pallas shows up as Alalkomenes's daughter (and before you ask who the hell Alalkomenes really was... He was an ordinary mortal who gave his name to the town of Alalkomenae, but besides that not much is said about him).

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